Blackberry Pastries!

Blackberry Pastries | via Neustadt BlogI have quite the sweet tooth and if I could afford to go out every morning and get a cappuccino & pastry I would. Michael and I got in a habit of doing this about 3 days a week, I’ll do the math for you – thats  $200, if not more, a month we were spending on cappuccinos, croissants, cinnamon rolls, etc.  My fiscally responsible  Michael put a stop to this quickly once the pattern creeped into his conscience.  He is also of the mind set that I should eat less sugar. He might as well ask me to breathe less air. He is the type of guy that eats his oatmeal plain, when he’s not looking a sneak a tablespoon ( or 5 ) of brown sugar onto mine. He usually finds out one way or another.  Anyway, since we weren’t going out as much and my cravings are certainly not going anywhere,  I decided to start baking more.  These are really simple, I just bought croissant dough from Trader Joe’s and a  big box of blackberries, no extra sugar added! Blackberry Pastry | via Neustadt Blog First step is mash up the blackberries!Blackberry Pastry | via Neustadt BlogNext is to take the triangular pieces of dough and smooth them into circles. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just make blackberry croissants the answer is you can cram more blackberries in this way. Blackberry Pastry | via Neustadt Blog Blackberry Pastry | via Neustadt BlogNow scoop the blackberries onto the dough and wrap all the edges up, bringing them together at at the top. Like soBlackberry Pastry | via Neustadt BlogMake sure the pasty is completely sealed so the filling doesn’t spill out in the oven. Follow the instructions on the croissant dough you purchase and voila! Blackberry Pastry | via Neustadt Blog

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