Currently Coveting: Kitchen Goods

There are so many beautiful pieces for the kitchen being made right now! Here are some of my favorites Kitchen Goods | Via Neustadt Blog1. Wooden Spoons 2.  Beverage Server    3. Glass Cupsc1Kitchen Goods | Via Neustadt Blog1.   2.Tea Kettle   3. Yumi Nakamura Flatware  4. Pepper Mill  5. Brass FlatwareKitchen Goods | Via Neustadt BlogKitchen Goods | Via Neustadt Blog1. Hand Serving Spoons 2. Wood Canasters 3. Brass Bottle Opener 

The glass coffee maker is one of my favorite pieces. I have a an old plastic coffee maker on my kitchen counter right now and I’ve been searching for a more aesthetically pleasing coffee maker to replace it with.  I originally wanted the hourglass shaped one from Chemex but I see it everywhere I go now and wanted something a little more original. In my search I stumbled upon the coffee maker above –  its clean modern lines and fresh design were exactly what I was looking for. It isn’t in production yet but the man behind the design has created a kickstarter for it, which you can check out . I pledged $80 and will be getting one delivered sometime around Oct. 2014. A long wait, but worth it!

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